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UPDATE: K12 OLS Recording Attendance Issue UPDATE: K12 OLS Recording Attendance Issue

UPDATE:  (Sept 3rd 2020) We have been informed the issue relating to the calendar and entering attendance hours in the OLS has been resolved.  Thank you for your patience while it was corrected. 


ORIGINAL:  We have been made us aware of an issue with recording attendance on the K12 Online School (OLS) calendar. Users are reporting that when they go to record the attendance in the OLS, they find it to be "greyed out".   

We have escalated the issue with K12 Inc. and will update everyone as soon as we have additional information.


Please be aware that the hourly log in the OLS (labeled as "attendance") does not affect your child's attendance record here at PA Virtual.  Daily attendance is recorded when students log into Blackboard each school day, and their classroom attendance is recorded by their classroom during live synchronous classes. 


2020-09-04 10:58

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