How Do I Use Chrome Remote Desktop?

To best assist you, sometimes a PA Virtual Staff member will ask to be able to share your desktop.  All PA Virual users have the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension installed.  The following directions will allow you to give access and recieve support.

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  1. This methond works best when you are on the phone with the person who will be helping you.  
  2. If you have not already, make sure you are signed into Chrome. (See  How Do I Sign Into Chrome?)
  3. Click on the Chrome Remote Desktop icon in the toolbar. 
  4. If you are not automatically directed to the Remote Support page (See image below), then click on "Remote Support". 
  5. Click on the Generate Code button in the "Get Support" section. thumbnail 
  6. Provide the 12 digit code to the person giving you support. thumbnail 
  7. You will then recieve a verification option window, were you can double check that the person connecting is the person you expect.  thumbnail
  8. While the person has access, you will see this yellow window on the bottom of your desktop.  Click on the Stop Sharing button when ever it is time to disconnect.   thumbnail


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