How Do I Clear Blackboard Collaborate Cache?

For best results, we suggest you use the "Clear Cache" icon on your desktop.  (See the "How Do I Clear My Cache?" page for details).

If you do not have the "Clear Cache" icon, or if you need to just clear the Collaborate cache:

  1. Open the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher control panel by running Blackboard Collaborate Launcher from the list of programs in your Windows Menu. thumbnail
  2. Go to the "Advanced" tab. thumbnail
  3. Click "Clear Cache..." (depending on when it was last emptied, this may take a few moments.  While the cache is being deleted, you may see your cursor change to "busy" animated busy cursor .  When it is finished, it will return to your standard cursor. )
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2015-02-19 12:35
Kevin Squire
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