How Do I Edit My Blackboard Profile?

About Profiles

Quoted from Blackboard support information:

A profile is not the same as your user account.

  • A user account is a reflection of your student registration information at your institution. You can edit your user account information by editing your personal information. 
  • A profile is a reflection of how you want to present yourself to your peers, classmates, instructors, and employers. In your Blackboard profile, you decide what you want to be called, what your academic interests are, and anything else you want to share.

Profiles are stored in the Blackboard cloud—not at your institution. This means that you can keep your profile through your academic and professional life. If you enroll at a different institution or join the workforce, you can maintain your academic relationships and networks using the same profile.

Editing Your Profile

Hover over the  to see a preview of the screenshot, click on it to see full size.

  1. After logging into Blackboard, click on the "Global Navigation Menu" in the upper right hand corner.   thumbnail
  2. From the menu, click on the face icon in the upper left.  If you have not uploaded a photo in the past, there will be a generic place holder icon. thumbnail
  3. Here you can define who can see your profile as well as set other personal information. thumbnail
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