How Do I Sign Into Chrome?

By signing into Chrome, you will be able to save your info across devices, and be automatically signed into Gmail, Drive, Youtube, and other Google products.  In aditional,when you use your PA Virtual provided gmail account, you will automatically get settings that are necessary to work with PA Virtual sites and gain access to approved Chrome extensions. (see  How Do I Install New Chrome Extensions?)

  1. Open Chrome
  2. In the top right, click on the name or people icon.  
  3. Click Sign in to Chrome. (See example below)
  4. Sign in using your PA Virtual provide account.


You can tell which account is logged in by looking at the email address shown (first arrow) or by looking for the image for your account on a 'new tab' page (second arrow).  See green arrows in image below, and compare to the image above.  The one above, Charlie is not logged in. The one below, Ian (the Learning Coach) is currently logged in.

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Kevin Squire
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