Barracuda Web Filter Blocking All Internet Websites

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to fix the barracuda web filter (WSA) when the student is not able to access any websites due to the WSA not being configured correctly.

Step 1:

Open a run command by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and the letter "r" on the keyboard and release.  

Windows key

Step 2:

Once the command window opens, type "c:" as shown then click "OK"


Step 3:

Browse to the folder **:  C:\program files\barracuda\web security agent\ and double click on WSAConfiguration.exe

** If you cannot find this folder then you will need to call the PAVCS Helpline OR if you were referred to this page via email, reply to that email.

WSA Folder

Step 4:

Change the numbers seen in the host field to:

WSA Settings

Step 4:

Click "Save". If you get a warning message about a certificate hash click "OK". Click "OK" to the settings saved message. Click "Close" and try to access blackboard from chrome.

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2018-02-26 11:11
Kevin Squire
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