PA Virtual Provided Equipment

PA Virtual provides each student with a laptop, a printer, and a headset to support the learning process.

The laptop is considered instructional property and must be returned to our Fulfillment Center in King of Prussia, PA when the student leaves PA Virtual.

More information about School-Issued Equipment can be found here:


Click HERE for more information about PA Virtual's technology for students

K12 Provided Materials

K12 provides books & other materials to PA Virtual students Grades K - 8.

At the end of each school year, K12 will provide return label to send these materials back to their center in Elizabethtown, KY.
You can find more information about K12 materials here: K12 Support site.

Something is Broken

If your laptop, printer or headset appears to be broken, please Call our Helpline.

If any materials provided from K12 is broken, please see the K12 Support site.

Returning Materials

At the end of each school year, K12 materials are to be sent back to their center in Elizabethtown, KY.
Advanced Placement Books are to be sent back to PA Virtual's Main Office in King of Prussia, PA.

The school-issued laptop does not get returned every year. This device will only need to be returned if:

  • The school-issued laptop is Defective, Call our HelpLine
  • The student is Graduating or withdrawing from PA Virtual. A Return Label will be provided by PA Virtual.

K12 will provide return labels to send back their books. Refer to K12's Support Site for more information.

Advanced Placement Books

PA Virtual provides books to High School students in Advanced Placement Classes.

  • AP textbooks are the Property of PA Virtual Charter School and shipped out from our King of Prussia office.
  • All AP textbooks must be returned to our Main Office at the end of each school year.
  • Return labels for AP textbooks will be sent to the student's PA Virtual email address at the end of the school year.
  • AP textbooks should never be returned to K12 in Kentucky with K-8th grade materials.
  • AP test prep books (typically published by Barron's) are considered consumables and do not need to be returned.

Any questions should be directed to the High School Program Specialist.
Contact information can be found in the High School Organization in Blackboard.