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Email Scam - Attached PDF file Email Scam - Attached PDF file

Today (May 22) we saw a small rash of scam emails, all had a subject line of "FWD: Hi" or "FWD: Hello", a simpy body of "See below", and a link to a PDF file "File to View 4784874757 .pdf" (appears as an attachment).   The email is really sent from a friend's email account, because his/her account was comprimised, and was used to send the email to you.

With today's scam, and the larger one just over 2 weeks ago, the PA Virtual Technology Department hightly suggests that everyone takes a few minutes to review the How To Spot Dangerous Emails FAQ page. 


Example of the Scam Email


If you clicked on the link it is imparative that you change your Google Apps password as well as any other accounts that may have had the same password. You should also completing the Gmail Security Checklist: https://support.google.com/mail/checklist/2986618


2017-05-22 14:34

TestingNirvana Email Issue - Spring Keystone Testing TestingNirvana Email Issue - Spring Keystone Testing

A number of our High School students and parents have been looking for an email from testingnirvana.com related to the Spring Keystone Testing.  Dispite our best efforts on our side, we have found that the email is landing in the spam folder for most of our user.  If you log into your gmail account,  you can use the following search term to find the email(s) in question.

in:spam from:testingnirvana.com after:2017-04-11

Gmail Search 'in:spam from:testingnirvana.com after:2017-04-11'


From there you can review the email, move it to your inbox, and/or remove the "spam" label.


2017-05-05 14:18

Google Doc Share Issue Google Doc Share Issue

Users are reporting getting emails that appear to be Google Docs share notices.  These appear to be from people within our domain, but addressed TO someone outside our domain, and the user is in the BCC field.


Please do NOT click on anything in these emails. THese appear to be spoofing emails.  Here is an example one of these emails:




Google recently annoucned that there was some issue with the Google Docs service, but at the time of this posting did not have any details.  This is most likely related.  We will update as we get additional information.


If you did click on any of the links provided in the email, you should review your account permissions and if necessay disconnect it from your account.  When you review the permissions, if you see the following connected app, remove it.  Note that it is titled "Google DOCS" and not "Drive" but it has the drive icon.  It is also been granted access to "read/send/delete/manage your mail"


2017-05-03 16:44

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