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UPDATE: Bb Collaborate Guest Link Issue UPDATE: Bb Collaborate Guest Link Issue

UPDATE: As of Aug 2017, this issue has been addressed.  Users can now use a Collaborate Guest link weither or not they are logged into Blackboard Learn.


UPDATE:  As of Aug 2016, this is still a known issue.  


ORIGINAL POST:  There is a known issue with Blackboard Collaborate Guest links cause some users to see a "Not Found" error page.  This issue will be addressed by Blackboard Inc, and we hope to see it addressed soon. Until than, the work around is to log out of Blackboard Learn.  For full details on the issue, please see the FAQ article "Collaborate Link Returns "Not Found" error page

2017-08-17 19:56

Blackboard Learn 2017 Upgrade Blackboard Learn 2017 Upgrade

General Annoucement:

Be aware that our Blackboard Learn Environment (http://pavcs.blackboard.com) will be unavailable for July 23rd due to schuduled software upgrades.    The downtime will begin at 6:30am and will continue until 6:30pm.   After the software upgrade, you may find that Blackboard does not look the same as you are used to.  It could take a day or two to re-apply all settings/styles/etc.  We ask that you hold off until after Wed (July 26th) before submiting any tech support requests.  


2017-07-17 11:17

Email Scam - Attached PDF file Email Scam - Attached PDF file

Today (May 22) we saw a small rash of scam emails, all had a subject line of "FWD: Hi" or "FWD: Hello", a simpy body of "See below", and a link to a PDF file "File to View 4784874757 .pdf" (appears as an attachment).   The email is really sent from a friend's email account, because his/her account was comprimised, and was used to send the email to you.

With today's scam, and the larger one just over 2 weeks ago, the PA Virtual Technology Department hightly suggests that everyone takes a few minutes to review the How To Spot Dangerous Emails FAQ page. 


Example of the Scam Email


If you clicked on the link it is imparative that you change your Google Apps password as well as any other accounts that may have had the same password. You should also completing the Gmail Security Checklist: https://support.google.com/mail/checklist/2986618


2017-05-22 14:34

TestingNirvana Email Issue - Spring Keystone Testing TestingNirvana Email Issue - Spring Keystone Testing

A number of our High School students and parents have been looking for an email from testingnirvana.com related to the Spring Keystone Testing.  Dispite our best efforts on our side, we have found that the email is landing in the spam folder for most of our user.  If you log into your gmail account,  you can use the following search term to find the email(s) in question.

in:spam from:testingnirvana.com after:2017-04-11

Gmail Search 'in:spam from:testingnirvana.com after:2017-04-11'


From there you can review the email, move it to your inbox, and/or remove the "spam" label.


2017-05-05 14:18

Google Doc Share Issue Google Doc Share Issue

Users are reporting getting emails that appear to be Google Docs share notices.  These appear to be from people within our domain, but addressed TO someone outside our domain, and the user is in the BCC field.


Please do NOT click on anything in these emails. THese appear to be spoofing emails.  Here is an example one of these emails:




Google recently annoucned that there was some issue with the Google Docs service, but at the time of this posting did not have any details.  This is most likely related.  We will update as we get additional information.


If you did click on any of the links provided in the email, you should review your account permissions and if necessay disconnect it from your account.  When you review the permissions, if you see the following connected app, remove it.  Note that it is titled "Google DOCS" and not "Drive" but it has the drive icon.  It is also been granted access to "read/send/delete/manage your mail"


2017-05-03 16:44

Google Account Login Page Redesign Google Account Login Page Redesign

We want to make our users aware that after Monday April 10, Google will be changing the look and feel of the Google Account Login page.  This change will be a rolling release, so we do not have an exact date when it will happen for the PA Virtual domain.  

This change is mostly visual, and we simply would like to make you aware.  You can learn more about the change from the  Google Support Site.

2017-04-07 14:27

"This version of Chrome is no longer supported" notice "This version of Chrome is no longer supported" notice

Dear PA Virtual Community,

Some users have reported that when they log into a Google App (such as email or Drive) they have a yellow bar at the top of the page noting "This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser."

Notice showing chrome not supported


Please note that you do not need to worry about this notice if you are using a PA Virtual provided computer. (You can choose the 'Dismiss' option if you like.)

This is a 'preemptive' notice from Google, as new security features go live for these services.  The fact that your browser is 'not supported' will not affect your ability to access Google Apps. You can still get to and use your email, Drive, Sheets, etc.

The tech department is already aware of the changes coming from Google, and has already begun rolling out the Google Chrome updates to PA Virtual provided computers.


2017-04-07 14:26


If you receive the following error when attempting to log into the DRC Insight Online assessment application

Watch the below video for instructions to correct this error




2016-12-13 16:17

Blackboard Learn - Scheduled Maintenance begins July 17th Blackboard Learn - Scheduled Maintenance begins July 17th

On Sunday July 17th, our Blackboard Learn server will be down for maintenance.  You will not be able to log into Blackboard Learn on the 17th.   Please be aware that for July 18 through July 20, we will be preparing our Blackboard Learn environment for the 2016-17 school year.  During this time, you may find your Blackboard Learn experience to be inconsistent (color changes, box/location of links change, etc) but we do not expect any additional downtime after the 17th.

2016-07-15 12:55

RESTORED: Alert for Google Calendar RESTORED: Alert for Google Calendar

UPDATE: Google has reported that service has been restored:

The problem with Google Calendar should be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google, and we are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.


UPDATE: Google has updated us with the following:

Google Calendar service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users within the next 1 hours. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change. 


From Google:

We're investigating reports of an issue with Google Calendar. We will provide more information shortly.
Users of Google Calendar see 'Server Error' page intermittently.

The PA Virtual Tech Department will will update as we recieve additional information.  You can see full details at Google's own status page: http://www.google.com/appsstatus


2016-06-30 14:54

Blackboard Learn - Scheduled Maintenance May 20th Blackboard Learn - Scheduled Maintenance May 20th

On Friday Morning (May 20, 2016), our Blackboard Learn servers will be down for maintenance. Downtime will begin around midnight Friday morning, and could last as long as 3 hours.  We do not expect this downtime to interfere with your daily workflow, but we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2016-05-18 14:29

Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Update Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Update

Today Blackboard has released an update to the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.  The launcher must be installed/updated by the end-user (i.e. the tech department can not push it out to you).  When launching a Blackboard Collaborate session, you may recieve a notice that a new version is available.  You may choose to update at this time, or you can choose to do it later.  If you opt to do it later, you can follow "Option 1" directions from our  How Do I Update Blackboard Collaborate Launcher? page.


2015-11-02 09:03

UPDATE: PA Virtual Phone service UPDATE: PA Virtual Phone service

UPDATE: Our provider has addressed the issue, and the phone service has been restored.  


-------- ORIGINAL MESSAGE --------

Dear PA Virtual Community,

The PA Virtual technology department is currently aware of intermittent issues with our phone system.  We are currently working closely with our service provider to have the problem corrected as soon as possible.  We will update this post as we get additional information.  

We applogize for any inconvenience this may cause.


2015-09-01 10:13

"Blackboard Profile Inactivity" email message "Blackboard Profile Inactivity" email message

A few staff and students have let us know that they have received and email from "Blackboard Profile Verifications"   Please note that, although you may modify/update or even set the Blackboard Profile from within our PA Virtual Blackboard system, it is independent from our Blackboard environment.  

If you wish to keep your profile active, you simply need to update your profile.  Of course, this is completely optional, PA Virtual does not require you to set a "Blackboard Profile".  For additional information, and directions on how to update, please see the FAQ article: How Do I Edit My Blackboard Profile? 

If you don't have anything to update, you don't have to change anything.  Just go to the edit page, and simply click on "Submit".


Example of the email that is being set out:

Blackboard Profile Inactivity Notice

2015-05-06 15:20

BB Collaborate Launcher Update BB Collaborate Launcher Update

Blackboard has announced an update to the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.  This is not a critical update, but we do suggest that everyone update at their earliest convenience.  This software does not require admin rights to install, and therefore must be updated manually.  Directions for updating your Blackboard Collaborate Launcher software can be found in the FAQ article: " How Do I Update Blackboard Collaborate Launcher? "

NOTE: For this first time, most of our users will need to use "Option 2" from the directions. If you try Option 1 and get an error, please check your version, and if you are not using version 1.2 or better, use Option 2.

To learn more about the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher, see:  What Is The Blackboard Collaborate Launcher?

2015-03-03 10:14

Clear Your Cache, Fast And Easy Clear Your Cache, Fast And Easy

Anyone who works with a computer, will eventually hear the phrase "Clear your cache".  Many times this is an answer to some kind of technical issue you may be having.  If you are new to computers, often this statement is followed with "What is cache?" and/or "How do I clear my cache?".   To compound the problem, different programs refer to 'the cache' with different terms (ex. Internet Explorer calls it 'temporary Internet files').  Sometimes it is not just your 'cache' that you need to clear out, but also other temporary files that need to be deleted.

To help make this process easier for our PAVCS community, we are happy to announce our "Clear Cache" script!

This script has been tested for the last year on all our staff computers, and starting yesterday (Feb 17th) we started pushing it out to all PAVCS provided computers.   When you receive it, you will see a new icon on your desktop, labeled "Clear Cache":

Running this single script will clear all the temporary files, without you needing to open a bunch of different programs.  Just by double clicking this icon you will:

  • Clear Internet Explorer's "Temorary Internet Files" (i.e. cache)
  • Clear Google Chrome's cache
  • Clear Java cache
  • Clear Blackboard Collaborate Launcher cache
  • Clear DNS cache
  • Delete flash cookies
  • Delete temporary files
  • Delete downloaded Blackboard Collaborate meeting files (the temporary files you download when start a session)

NOTE: If you do not see the "Clear Cache" icon on your desktop by the end of the week, you can download the file from our website, and contact the helpline to assist with the install.


2015-02-18 10:59

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