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Blackboard Learn - Scheduled Maintenance - No Downtime Expected Blackboard Learn - Scheduled Maintenance - No Downtime Expected

Please be aware that our Blackboard Learn servers will have a rolling restart this evening.  The window will be between 8:10pm and 12:10am tonight (March 14).  There is no expected downtime, but users may experience a small delay in accessing Blackboard Learn during this time frame.  

2018-03-14 13:34

Web Security Agent Update (2/6) Web Security Agent Update (2/6)

Dear PA Virtual Families,
It has been a frustrating week for many of our students due to the WSA issue. The Technology Department knows that not every student computer is back up and running, and for that we are truly sorry.

As we noted before, we have corrected the original issue and continue trying to push out updates for student computers. At this time we have had more than 30% of the reported issues fixed just with this pushed updated. Unfortunately, the same issue that is keeping a student from getting online is also limiting our ability to reach out and correct the issue en masse. This has forced us into a situation where we have to call each of the remaining families individually.

If you are one of those remaining families that continue to see the "Access Denied" message, here are some things you can do at this time to help us get you back online as quickly as possible:

  1. Keep your computer turned on & check it occationally (every 1-2 hours) to see if you can get online.  This just may help you get that pushed update.
  2. If you have already called the helpline, please be patient. We have your ticket already in the queue, and will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.
  3. If your FSC has contacted you and created a ticket on your behalf, please be patient. We have your ticket already in the queue, and will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.
  4. If you have not contacted the helpline (#2) or your FSC (#3) over this “Access Denied” issue, please call the helpline now so that we can get you into our ticketing queue.

The Technology Department’s goal has always been to be ‘out of the way’, to allow our students to get to class everyday without thinking about the technology that connects him/her to class. We continue to work to improve that experience, even at this time of frustration. Thank you again for your patience.

2018-02-07 13:07

UPDATE (2/1): Web Security Agent Blocking All Web Traffic UPDATE (2/1): Web Security Agent Blocking All Web Traffic


The Tech Department has been working with Barracuda, and we have found and corrected the issue that caused the "Access Denied" issue for many students.  Correcting the issue has stopped the spread of the problem, but unfortunately does not immediately fix the problem for those students seeing the "Access Denied" notice.

We are reaching out to each family affected by this issue idivudally, as well as pushing out updates to all the computers that have been affected by the "Access Denied" problem.  In the mean time, we ask for you patience as we work to assist each and everyone of our families affected. Please do NOT call the helpline phone number at this time, as they are unable to fix this particular issue.

If you are one of the families still affected by the "Access Denied" notice, we ask that:

  1. Please be patient, the update could be on it way, and we will contacting you as soon as we can. Do NOT call the helpline at this time
  2. Please leave your school provided computer turned on, so that it can receive the update.  We also ask that you occasional try to access any website, you may find you have already received the update.
  3. If possible, use a different computer/device to get to class and/or check email for communications from the Tech Department.





We are currently (Jan. 31, 3:30pm) aware of an issue with our student computer's web filtering software.  The issue is causing a number of users to get the following message when they try to access any website while using a school provide computer.

The link you are accessing as been blocked by the local Barracuda Web Security Agent. If you believe this is an error or need to access this link, please contact your administrator.

We are currently aware of the issue, and are investigating.  We will update this post as we get additional information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


2018-02-07 13:07

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