I Can Not Open Some Internal Websites

An 'internal' website is any web address with "pavcsk12.org", and the server that hosts the website is physically located inside the PA Virtual office building.  (For example, this website, help.pavcsk12.org).  The issue is that the same technology that allows you to connect to internal resources (sometimes called 'the VPN' or 'Direct Access') will get the records confused as to 'internal' vs 'external' resources.  This is a very rare case, and once corrected usually never needs addressed again.

Testing for the issue

Before you follow the steps below, you should do the following to confirm that these are the steps you need to follow.

  1. If you havn't already, close all web browser, and click on the "Clear Cache" icon. 

  2. In your system tray, you will find the "Direct Access" icon. 
  3. Right click on the icon, it should say "Use Local DNS Resolution" 
    • If it says "Use Corporate DNS Resolution" click on "Use Corporate" to toggle back to the Corporate DNS.
  4. Open your web browser, go to http://help.pavcsk12.org/ .  You should see a very simple page.  
  5. If you see this simple page, than this solution is not for you, please skip to #8.  If you do not see the example above continue with the directions below.
  6. Now repeat steps 1-4 above, but this time you want to use LOCAL DNS.  So in Step #3, you want it to show "Use Corperate DNS Resolution" 
  7. When you open your browser this time, you should see the simple page.  As with before, if you do not, than this solution is not for you.
  8. If you do not see the simple web page with either DNS setting, either the website is completly down, or you have some other issue that needs address.  We suggest you contact the Helpline to address the issue.   What Is The Tech Support Helpline Number?


SPECIAL NOTE: If you can access the page while using Local DNS, feel free complete the task at hand before calling the helpline and fixing your issue.  Although fixing the issue is necessary, it is most likely not vital to completing your current task.



So you have confirmed that while using the Corporate DNS, you can not get to http://help.pavcsk12.org, but while using Local DNS, you can.  For the immedate work-around, you can leave your setting to use the Local DNS and complete your task at hand.

For a complete fix/solution, you will need to contact the helpline.  They will be able to address the issue or if necessary, will begin the process for returning your computer for repairs.



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Kevin Squire
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