How Do Enable/Disable/Remove Chrome Extensions?

To begin managing extensions, click on the menu button  in the upper right corner, and then "More Tools --> Extensions" (Optionally, you can type chrome://extensions/ into your address bar.)  You will be able to see a list of all extensions added to your profile of Chrome.  

Each extenision listing will have a trash can  or a building  on the far right. Those extensions with a building are installed by PA Virtual. These are the extenstions that we 'push down' to you.

  • Modify Settings: If the extension has options/settings, you will find a link to modify those settings on the left, under the description.
  • Disable/Enable: If the extension can be turned off/disabled, you will be able to uncheck the box beside "Enabled" in the center. (Some extensions are enabled/disabled by PA Virtual and will be 'greyed out')
  • To Remove: If you installed the extension, you can remove it by clicking on the trash can on the far left. If PA Virtual installed the extension, you will see the building icon


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