What Filtering Software Is Available?

Each computer provided by PA Virtual Charter school comes with IBoss WebFiltering pre-installed.  This software is required, and can not be uninstalled.  The IBoss WebFiltering provides us with enterprise grade content filtering to block web pages, and web content that complies with CIPA requirements.

The filtering software works on a 'school wide' level, we will not block specific websites for specific families.  If you find that you are able to access content with our PA Virtual provided computer that you feel should be blocked, please use the "Ask A Question" page and provide us with the web address in question.

In compliance with the software policy, families can not install addition filtering software on the school provided computers.  If you need additional filtering, we ask that you review the  How can I Filter Internet Content? page.

Please be aware, that although families may employ additional filtering policies within their home at the network level, we can not guarantee that the additional filtering will apply to the school provided computers.


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2019-10-03 13:41
Kevin Squire
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