Installing Unity Game Engine

Students taking the Game Design course have been approved to have the Unity Game Engine software installed.  Your teacher(s) will provide the request to have the software installed, and he/she will let you know when the Technology Department will begin pushing the software.  

When your computer is ready to receive the installer, you will be given a prompt from OCS:

The process will take at least 15 mins, and you will need to leave your computer on during this time.  Turning off or putting your computer to sleep while the installer is running could cause it to fail.  When you see this prompt, if you are ready, click OK.  If you are not, you can choose "Later" and you will be prompted again in approximately 2 hours.

Once you click OK, you will need to leave your computer turned on until the install is finished.  Once the installer has finished, you will be given a notice by OCS. 

You should now begin using the Unity Game Engine as directed by your teacher(s).  If you have issue with the install process, then please contact your teacher so that he/she is aware of the issue and can inform the Technology Department.


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