How Do I Connect To The VPN?

This is not something you need to do "daily", but when you are told to do so, follow the direcitons below.


Hover over the to see a preview of the screenshot, click on it to see full size.

  1. Click Start –> Settings  thumbnail
  2. Click “Network & Internet” –> VPN thumbnail
  3. Click “PAVCS AlwaysOn VPN” and “Disconnect,” if it is an option thumbnail
  4. Once the main VPN is disconnected, you can connect to the secondary VPN.  Click “” –> “Connect” thumbnail


Please note that we DO want you to normally be 'connected' to the "PAVCS AlwaysOn VPN".  If you follow these directions above, please come back after approximately 48 hours and choose "Connect" for the AlwaysON (and if necessary, "Disconnect" for the  

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2021-09-02 13:41
Kevin Squire
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