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Google Doc Share Issue

Users are reporting getting emails that appear to be Google Docs share notices.  These appear to be from people within our domain, but addressed TO someone outside our domain, and the user is in the BCC field.


Please do NOT click on anything in these emails. THese appear to be spoofing emails.  Here is an example one of these emails:




Google recently annoucned that there was some issue with the Google Docs service, but at the time of this posting did not have any details.  This is most likely related.  We will update as we get additional information.


If you did click on any of the links provided in the email, you should review your account permissions and if necessay disconnect it from your account.  When you review the permissions, if you see the following connected app, remove it.  Note that it is titled "Google DOCS" and not "Drive" but it has the drive icon.  It is also been granted access to "read/send/delete/manage your mail"


Last update: 2017-05-03 16:44
Author: Kevin Squire

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