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Clear Your Cache, Fast And Easy

Anyone who works with a computer, will eventually hear the phrase "Clear your cache".  Many times this is an answer to some kind of technical issue you may be having.  If you are new to computers, often this statement is followed with "What is cache?" and/or "How do I clear my cache?".   To compound the problem, different programs refer to 'the cache' with different terms (ex. Internet Explorer calls it 'temporary Internet files').  Sometimes it is not just your 'cache' that you need to clear out, but also other temporary files that need to be deleted.

To help make this process easier for our PAVCS community, we are happy to announce our "Clear Cache" script!

This script has been tested for the last year on all our staff computers, and starting yesterday (Feb 17th) we started pushing it out to all PAVCS provided computers.   When you receive it, you will see a new icon on your desktop, labeled "Clear Cache":

Running this single script will clear all the temporary files, without you needing to open a bunch of different programs.  Just by double clicking this icon you will:

  • Clear Internet Explorer's "Temorary Internet Files" (i.e. cache)
  • Clear Google Chrome's cache
  • Clear Java cache
  • Clear Blackboard Collaborate Launcher cache
  • Clear DNS cache
  • Delete flash cookies
  • Delete temporary files
  • Delete downloaded Blackboard Collaborate meeting files (the temporary files you download when start a session)

NOTE: If you do not see the "Clear Cache" icon on your desktop by the end of the week, you can download the file from our website, and contact the helpline to assist with the install.


Last update: 2015-02-18 10:59
Author: Kevin Squire

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