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Email Scam - Attached PDF file

Today (May 22) we saw a small rash of scam emails, all had a subject line of "FWD: Hi" or "FWD: Hello", a simpy body of "See below", and a link to a PDF file "File to View 4784874757 .pdf" (appears as an attachment).   The email is really sent from a friend's email account, because his/her account was comprimised, and was used to send the email to you.

With today's scam, and the larger one just over 2 weeks ago, the PA Virtual Technology Department hightly suggests that everyone takes a few minutes to review the How To Spot Dangerous Emails FAQ page. 


Example of the Scam Email


If you clicked on the link it is imparative that you change your Google Apps password as well as any other accounts that may have had the same password. You should also completing the Gmail Security Checklist:


Last update: 2017-05-22 14:34
Author: Kevin Squire

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