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OLS Page Loading Slowly

The technology departement is aware of a large number of our community reporting that pages within the OLS are taking a measurably long time to load, and possibly even long enough to cause a 'page time-out' issue. 

Our research has shown that we actually have 3 unrelated issues, any one of (or some combination of) causes the page load issue for our users.  The fact that we have 3 different issues colliding has forced our tech support staff to address each user indvidually instead of being able to push out one simple fix.  

If you have not yet, please review the FAQ article  Flash Plugin Disabled When Accessing the OLS .  We have found that this process will help some users.  We understand it may not fix it for everyone, but if you have not tired it yet, please do so now. Note that these directions are not a 'one time fix'.  If it works for you the first time, you will need to continue using the "Chrome - OLS" shortcut.

Please know that our support staff are working as quickly as we can to add get to each and everyone of our community that has run into this problem.  We truely applogize for any inconvience this has caused you.


Last update: 2017-09-22 13:32
Author: Kevin Squire

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