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PA Virtual Bookmarks

This week, we will be rolling out a new feature for our entire community.  Assuming you are logged into Chrome, you will now see a "PA Virtual" folder in the bookmarks bar. This new folder will allow us to add and update bookmarks as needed.  

You may notice that there has been a folder in your Bookmarks bar called "PAVCS".  This folder was created at install time, and unlike the new one, could not be updated without messing up all your other bookmarks. The old "PAVCS" folder can now be deleted if you wish.  Simply right click and choose "Delete" if you wish to remove this collection of Bookmarks.  


NOTE: You must be logged into Chrome to see the new folder.  Logging into Chrome not only brings you this folder, but also allows you to have your browser settings and bookmarks backed-up and synced.  See  How Do I Sign Into Chrome? if you need help logging in.

Last update: 2018-09-04 13:09
Author: Kevin Squire

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