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BB Collaborate Launcher Update

Blackboard has announced an update to the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.  This is not a critical update, but we do suggest that everyone update at their earliest convenience.  This software does not require admin rights to install, and therefore must be updated manually.  Directions for updating your Blackboard Collaborate Launcher software can be found in the FAQ article: " How Do I Update Blackboard Collaborate Launcher? "

NOTE: For this first time, most of our users will need to use "Option 2" from the directions. If you try Option 1 and get an error, please check your version, and if you are not using version 1.2 or better, use Option 2.

To learn more about the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher, see:  What Is The Blackboard Collaborate Launcher?

Last update: 2015-03-03 10:14
Author: Kevin Squire

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