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RESOLVED - Known Issue for BB Learn "Parent Role"

RESOLOVED:  As of Nov. 15, this issue has been corrected.



The technology department has been made aware of an issue affecting those users with the parent role (ie our Learning Coach accounts that end with a P) in Blackboard Learn.  When the parent clicks on a students username, either in the Gateway or in the Dashboard, they are directed to an error page, instead of information about the student.

This issue is not affecting the learning coach's ability to monitor and assist the student.  The page that is not displaying is simply a summary of information shown to the both the student and to parent elsewhere throughout Blackboard. 

We will be working with Blackboard to get the issue corrected, and will update this space when we have additional information.

 UPDATE: Blackboard has acknowledged that this is a bug in the software and will be releasing an update. Once the software is released we will work to schedule an upgrade at the most convenient time for our community. Until that time, users will see the error noted above.

Last update: 2018-11-15 15:18
Author: Kevin Squire

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