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DRC Testing Being Pushed out to Computers

The Technology department has been pushing out the DRC testing software to all computers since Aug 19th of this year.  As of writing this, more than 2,400 of our students have already received the package.

DRC Desktop Icon

If you do not currently see the DRC Insight icon on your desktop, we ask that you manually connect to the VPN , and then stay connected.  

Once connected to the VPN manually, continue to use the computer so that it doesn't "go to sleep" / do not power it down.  You should see it show up.   If you do need to power down (for example, over night) then remember to manually connect to the VPN again in the morning.

The "Manual" connection to the VPN is not the preferred method, but does assist with speeding along the process of receiving updates.  After you have received the DRC Insight software, you can go back to connecting to the "AlwayOn" version of the VPN.  

Last update: 2021-09-07 10:07
Author: Kevin Squire

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