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"Blackboard Profile Inactivity" email message

A few staff and students have let us know that they have received and email from "Blackboard Profile Verifications"   Please note that, although you may modify/update or even set the Blackboard Profile from within our PA Virtual Blackboard system, it is independent from our Blackboard environment.  

If you wish to keep your profile active, you simply need to update your profile.  Of course, this is completely optional, PA Virtual does not require you to set a "Blackboard Profile".  For additional information, and directions on how to update, please see the FAQ article: How Do I Edit My Blackboard Profile? 

If you don't have anything to update, you don't have to change anything.  Just go to the edit page, and simply click on "Submit".


Example of the email that is being set out:

Blackboard Profile Inactivity Notice

Last update: 2015-05-06 15:20
Author: Kevin Squire

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