How do I return my laptop back to PA Virtual?

Follow the steps below on returning a student's laptop back to PA Virtual:
1. The laptop & power cord must be properly packaged to avoid damage in transit.
a. If you do not have the original laptop box, package the laptop in an appropriate box.  
2. Affix the school-provided UPS Return label to the outside of the box.
3. Ensure the return address on the UPS label is correct:
PA Virtual Charter School
Fulfillment Center
630 Park Avenue, Side B
King of Prussia, PA 19406
4. Drop the box off at a UPS service location near you.
a. You can find a UPS service location near you on their website, here: UPS Website
If you have any questions or concerns regarding returning your student's school-provided equipment, please contact us at:  
(484) 243-0000
Last update:
2020-04-29 09:56
Kim Cook
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