What Is The Software Policy?

Our software policy is driven by 3 elements:

  1. The Student Code Of Conduct signed each year by the parent of each student.
    • All use of the Internet and computer technology must be related to, or in support of the educational goals of the student as stated by the school.
    • Students, parents or any third parties not under the school's direction are strictly forbidden from installing any software or additional hardware on computers that are property of the schools, nor shall anyone remove installed software or hardware from that computer.
  2. The Agreement for Use of Instructional Property, signed each year by the parent of each student.
    • From Section 6: Use of Instructional Property. Responsible Party agrees that: (i) Instructional Property may be used solely for the education of the Student while enrolled at PAVCS and not for the benefit of any other person or for any other purpose, (ii) all Instructional Property shall be used in accordance with PAVCS policies and rules and K12's and the manufacturer's instructions, (iii) each software application provided shall be subject to, and used in accordance with, the license and/or use agreement that accompanies that software application, (iv) all usage of the Instructional Property shall be subject to PAVCS policies and rules regarding Network/Internet use and protocol, (v) Responsible Party is solely responsible for ensuring that the software settings, default configurations, and administrative privileges are maintained at the original specified settings that the Instructional Property had upon delivery and will be liable for any resulting intentional damage to the Instructional Property, any files, and/or other software applications if these default settings are changed or modified without explicit authorization from PAVCS Technical Support, and (vi) Responsible Party is solely responsible for keeping User IDs and passwords confidential to prevent unauthorized usage and understands that passwords should be changed on a regular basis.
  3. The PA Virtual Tech Department software review process.  This process reviews all software before it can be either 'preinstalled' or 'approved for install'.
    • Software is evaluated for compatiblity within our environment, acadmeic merit of the sofware, and any licensing issues/needs.
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