OCS Inventory - Software Update and Install

We use OCS Inventory NG (Open Computers and Software Inventory Next Generation) to assist with both inventory as well as push down software updates.  This software runs quietly in the background whenever the computer is turned on.  

When updates are being pushed down to the PA Virtual computer, OCS begins downloading the files necessary in the background, without any user interaction needed.  Once all the files have been downloaded, users will recieve a notification window similar to this:

OCS Notification Window

  1. The center area contains information about what is being installed/updated as well as any additional directions that may be needed.
  2. Once you have read and followed the directions you can click "OK", or "Later" if the option is available.
    • The "Later" option is made available when the software install/update can be disruptive to a user's workflow, such as requiring you to close a program.  If the software can be installed/updated without dustruption, the "Later" option is not enabled.
  3. If you choose "OK" the install/update process will begin. If you choose "Later" than you will see this message when OCS runs the next time (default is every 2hours)

Once OCS has finished, you will get a notification similar to this:

OCS Completed Notification

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