How Do I Install The Music Software?

Each grade has a different music program, so each grade has different software needs. Due to this need, we are unable to pre-load your computer with the specific music software you need.  Although each piece of software may be different, the general guidlines you need to follow will be the same.  NOTE: This process will only need to be done once, it does not need to be done each time you want to use the software

  1. Aquire the software.  Some of the software will be provided by K12 Inc on a CD mailed to you with your other resources.  Some of the software will be downloaded from the Internet. You will want to have the software installer ready before you call the helpline.
  2. Call the Helpline.  Once you have the software that you need to install, you will need to call the helpline.  They will remote connect to your computer, and will be able to run the install for you.

If you are in the High School, your Music Teacher may have additional directions within the Blackboard Course.


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