How Do I Access Chrome Extensions?

Once you have signed into Google Chrome, PA Virtual will 'push' a number of extensions to your browser.  (See How Do I Sign Into Chrome?) You can also add approved extensions from the Chrome Web Store. (See  How Do I Install New Chrome Extensions?)

Existing extensions can usually be seen next to the Addressbar of your Chrome Browser.  If you have more extenstions then room to show them, they will be shown in the first line of your options menu .  

If you hover your mouse over the extension icon, the name for that exstion will show up as a 'tooltip' pop-up.

The action that happens when you (left) click on an extension icon will depend on the extension.  For example, clicking on the "Clear Cache" icon will temporarily show a pop-up text window letting you know it is working, and then it will just close.  But clicking on a Screenshot application will pop-up a menu asking which type of options you wish to use to take your screenshot. 

Right clicking on the extension icon will show you cotext menu for the extension. Some options will depend on the extenstion, while other options are default to all extensions.  


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