How Do I Add Another Account to Chrome?

Sometimes you need to have a second account (or profile) set up on your Chrome Browser.  This most often is done in the case of the Learning Coach.  Many families will set up 1 profile for the student to be use most often, but a second Learning Coach profile that can be used when the LC needs to access school sites.

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  1. Open Chrome
  2. In the top right, click on the name (shows the current profile)
  3. Choose "Manage People" from the drop down. thumbnail
  4. Choose "Add Person" from the lower right of the new screen.  thumbnail
  5. From the new screen, you will have 3 options; Name, Icon, and if you want to show shortcut for this profile on the desktop.  This last one is optional.   (See image below)
  6. Once you click "Save", you will have a brand new Chrome window, asking you to sign in with your Google account.  thumbnail
  7. From here you can follow the same directions seen on  How Do I Sign Into Chrome?

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