How Do I Adjust The Collaborate Windows?

The three windows on the side of a Collaborate session can be moved and/or minimized based on the needs of the user and the given session.  These settings are stored locally, and are preserved from one session to the next.  In the image below, the three tool windows are labeled:

  1. Audio & Video window
  2. Participants Window
  3. Chat Window


Move A Window

To move or re-order a window, click and drag on the window's title bar. (i.e. on the window's label. ) For example, if I wanted to move the Chat window, I would click and drag on the word "Chat" .  You can reorder by dropping it back in the left-hand panel where you want, or you can make it "pop out" by dropping it outside of the left-hand panel.

Resize A Window

Once the window has been removed from the left-hand panel, you can resize it just like any other window.  Click and drag on the windows border to resize

Minimize A Window

You can minimize a window by clicking on the triangle in the title bar.  The triagles are marked in the screenshot above by the green arrows.  If the triagle is pointing right (such as in the "Audio & Video" window) that tool window is minimized.  Clicking on the triagle will toggle its current setting.

Resetting Windows

Sometimes windows can become hidden behind other windows, or even placed outside the current viewing aware.  Click on "View" in the main Collaborate window, and then "Reset Default Layout".  This will return all 3 tool windows to the docked left-hand panel.

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Kevin Squire
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