Using video, I get "Cannot connect video source" error. What can I do?

This usually means the the camera is either in use already, or the driver is unsupported.  

To make sure it is not already in use, close all other programs that may be using the camera, and modify the preferences to disconnect when not in use. ( see  My Video was working, but now it is not working )


If that does not help, than you can modify the driver setting.  Original Collaborate is known to have issue with some HD Video drivers.  Changing to a default video driver will correct the problem. (This process must be done as admin, so you will  need a call to the helpline to walk through the steps below)

  1. As administrator, open the Device Manager
  2. Click Imaging Devices
  3. Expand Imaging Devices
  4. Double-click on the webcam device that is not working
  5. Click on Driver tab
  6. Click on Update Driver button 
  7. Choose Browse my computer for driver software
  8. Choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  9. Select "USB Video Device" 
  10. Click Next, and reboot computer
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Kevin Squire
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