Why Is My Computer Running So Slow?

This seems to be a very common question at the beginning of a school year, or when a student receives a new computer.  With that in mind, the reason the computer is running so slow is most likely due to updates.

Please note that this could happen any time during the school year as well.  Some examples include over long weekend breaks, or when a larger than normal number of updates are being pushed. 

DESCRIPTION:  The PA Virtual Technolgy department regularly pushes down software updates to your computer in the background. Since we regularly push them down, you are usually only getting a small number, and you never ever notice the effect.  

If your computer has been turned off for a few weeks, such as over the summer break, or while sitting on a shelf in our warehouse, then it will be 'running behind' on these updates. This means when you turn it on again, you will be downloading a lot more of these updates than normal. This is what can make your computer feel like it is running slow.

SOLUTION:  Simply leave the computer turned on overnight, while you are still logged in, to allow for all the updates to download.  In the morning, restart the computer before you start the school day.  If you just recieved the computer from the warehouse (i.e. you are a new student, or you just had your computer repaired) we suggest you do this for two nights.

If leaving the computer on overnight does not correct your problem, please feel free to contact the helpline.

What Is The Tech Support Helpline Number?


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