How Do I Log On To Blackboard Learn?

Single Sign-On Method

As of August 5th, 2020, this is the preferred method of login.

g src="/student/images/BB_SSO_Login.png" alt="" width="300px" /> 

Before using this method, it is highly suggested that you first sign into Chrome using your PA Virtual provided Google account (  See  How Do I Sign Into Chrome?   for step-by-step directions.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the dropdown that says "g>Sign in with third-party accountg>" 
  3. Choose "g>Sign in with Googleg>"

If you are already signed into your account, you will then be logged into Blackbaord Learn.  If you are not already signed in, you will be redirected to a Google signin page.  


  • You get a Google 403 Error Page that says: "g>Error: ap_not_enabled_for_userg>"
    • FIX: You will recieve this message if you are logged into an non-PAVCS Google account.   Log out of that account, and then log into your account. Then you can try to log into Blackboard Learn again.
  • You get a Google Login Page - This means you are not currently logged into any Google account. 
    • FIX: You will simply need to follow the login prompts and login using your account. 
  • You get a Blackboard Error Page saying that "unable to log into your account using Single Sign-ong> because the authentication request has expired.g>" This means the authtication with Google has timed-out and needs to be refreshed.
    • FIX: Sign out of Google, and then log back into your Google account. Then you can try to log into Blackboard Learn again. 
  • You get a Blackboard Error Page saying that "unable to log into your account using Single Sign-on" and then provides an Error ID.  
    • FIX: We find that we need to investigate these issues invidually.  Please contact the Helpline and provde that Error ID so the issue can be correctly investigated.

Username & Password Method

The following directions are related to the stand-alone Username & Password method. This method of login is being phased out and should not be used by any student, parent or staff member after August 5th 2020. 

g src="/student/images/BB_Default_Login.png" alt="" width="300px" /> 

To log into Blackboard, you will need your Blackboard username and password.  Your Blackboard username is the same as your PA Virtual provided email username.  So if your email is "g>brownc001@pavcs.usg>" then your Blackboard username is "g>brownc001g>".  If you don't know your password, please see the I Forgot My Blackboard Learn Password for directions on how to reset your own password.


Common Errors/Issues

Obsolete after August 5, 2020

There are a few possible reasons why you might not be able to log into Blackboard Learn.  Below is a list of common issues and possible solution(s) for each one.

  • You may have the wrong 'stored' password.  If you normally let your browser fill in the password, this time clear out the space and type it again.
  • If you are trying to copy/paste from another document, you might be picking up a "hidden" character like a space or tab.
  • Double check that you don't have Caps Lock on.
  • Clearing your cache is never a 'bad' idea, and just might help you quickly fix the problem.
  • To reset your password yourself, see I Forgot My Blackboard Learn Password


But I still can't log into Blackboard

Obsolete after August 5, 2020

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