Can I Install Software On The School Provided Computer?

The answer, unfortunately, is no. When choosing software for the computers, there are a few things we have to look at.

  1. Is the software compatible with the PA Virtual environment? Software has to be tested extensively to make sure that it works, not only within a Windows 7 environment, but also works with other software installed on the laptop.
  2. Does the License Agreement allow us to install it? Many times the license agreement does not allow the privately bought software to be installed on a school laptop. We take licensing very seriously at PA Virtual.
  3. Does the software have academic merit? This is a school issued laptop and its primary use should be for academics.

We provide all of the software you need to complete your classes and do your academic work. If you feel something is useful, present it to your teacher and they can follow the proper channels to getting it approved.  

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2015-02-20 10:10
Kevin Squire
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