How Do I Update Java?

There should be no need for students or staff to manually update Java on the PA Virtual provided computer.  When new versions are release, the technolgy departments tests the update in or environement before pushing the software down to you. 

If you recieve the "Java Update Needed" notice (see below) we ask that you:

  1. Check the box at the bottom of the window that says "Do not ask until the next update is available"
  2. And then choose "Later. Continue and you will be reminded to update again later"

Java Update Needed Notice


Should you choose "Update" by accident, but then you do not install the update, you will find that any time Java is launched, you are automatically sent to Java's update page instead of the intended page.  To get out of this loop, you will need to download and run this file.  The next time you launch a Java application, you will be presented with the "Java Needs Updated" window shown above.  


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2015-02-18 10:09
Kevin Squire
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