Why does email from my teacher have "do-not-reply" in the from field?


Previous to the summer of 2015, when the staff member used Blackboard to send out an email (such as for a class announcement), the FROM field would show that staff members name and email address.  Unfortunately this behavior lead to high probably that the email would get flagged as spam, and the student would never see it.

As of the start of the 2015-16 school year, the FROM field now shows with a @blackboard.com domain email address such as “do-not-reply@blackboard.com” or “donotreply@blackboard.com”.  This change cuts down the likelihood that the email would be flagged as spam.  As part of this change, they have placed the senders email address in the REPLY-TO field.

Should you recieve an email from the @blackboard.com domain, often you can still use the reply option from your email client to reach the intended person.  You can verify if you check the TO address after you choose the REPLY option.  If the TO address is @pavcsk12.org, then it will go to the PA Virtual employee.  If the TO address is a @blackboard.com domain then it will be going to an unmonitored address.



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2015-10-22 09:04
Kevin Squire
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