What Software Is On The School Provided Computers?

Each computer comes equipped with the programs necessary to complete school work pre-installed. You can view the list of Pre-installed Software mantained on a Google Spreadsheet.

We recognize the need to install additional software based on a students grade level, course load, and special education requirements. This software, although not pre-installed, can be installed by the families with a call to the Technology Helpline. The technicians will be able to help you install only the Approved Software based on the child's special needs.

Please see  What Is The Tech Support Helpline Number?


  • All ISP software and/or drivers are considered "approved". If you need to install some software to connect the school provided computer to the Internet, you should call the Technology Helpline.
  • Due to the fact that K12 Inc provided software is grade specific, it is not pre-installed.  The K12 Inc provided software is approved, and you will need to call the the Helpline to install.  
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