What is the Ink Program?

Each school year, starting in October, PA Virtual supplies one replacement black ink cartridge for each student. Families can place that order any time during the school year (see note below). Orders are placed on the web, through PA Vitual. Orders take up to 2 week for delivery.

The ink and the shipping is provided free of charge to parents. PA Virtual provides one replacement ink per student. Parents with multiple childern attending PA Virtual can order multiple ink cartridges with a single order. They will be shipped together, and can save time and money. We ask that parents with multiple children attending PA Virtual order all of the ink for their students at one time so as to save PA Virtual shipping costs.

Your ink wil be shipped to the address PA Virtual has on file. If you have recently moved or your address has changed please contact your Family Support Coordinator to update your mailing address.

Check the  How Do I Place An Order For My Replacement Ink? for directions on ordering ink.

NOTE: The Ink program "year" does not run identical to the school year. The Ink program does not start until October of each school year, and then runs until the start of the following school year.

Your order for 1 replacement ink can be placed anytime after the start of the ink program, up until the start of the next school year.  Between the 1st day of school, and the start of the ink program in October, ink can NOT be ordered.

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