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Accessing Online Assessments

PA Virtual Chromebooks come preinstalled with benchmark testing software these include NWEA MAPS, CDT, Bluebook and Kite. To access the secure testing on the laptop follow these steps


  1. Open Chrome
  2. On the bookmark Bar click on the PA Virtual Folder
  3. Click on NWEA MAPS
  4. Username and password will be provided to you by your teacher

What if Bookmark bar is not there (see figure 1):

  1. Make sure the bookmark bar is showing
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper left corner and choose bookmarks | Show bookmark bar

Fig. 1: Click on image for full size

What if my bookmark bar is there but PA Virtual folder is missing (see figure 2):

  • Right click on the bookmark bar and choose Show PA Virtual

Fig. 2: Click on image for full size

KITE, Bluebook and CDT

You must be logged out to start this process:

  1. If logged into the Chromebook click on the system clock in the lower right corner
  2. Select Sign out

Starting from the login screen (see figure 3):

  1. From the login screen click on Apps at the bottom left
  2. Select the testing site your teacher wants you to enter
  3. Enter your unique username and password provided to you by your teacher

Fig. 3: Click on image for full size