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Learning Coach Access

As the Learning Coach, you do have access to various information about your student(s) courses, as well as access to the course itself so that you can be an active partner in their education. To begin reviewing information about your student(s) you first need to enter the “Parent Dashboard”.

  1. Log into Blackboard Learn using your PAVCS provide Learning Coach account.
  2. From the menu, choose “Tools”, and then click “Parent”

Parent Dashboard

Once you have launched the Parent Dashboard, you can view some basic info about all your students, or dive deeper for a given student.

  • Last System Access - This is the last time they logged into Blackboard. If this is more than a day old, then they have not logged it yet/attendance has not been recorded yet.
  • Number of Classes - This is the number of classes the student is enrolled into in the overall system. Please note that at the time of writing, this number can be deceiving. This number will includes classes that the student may not have access to at the time. In the screenshot, we see that Chuck has 7 classes, but 1 of those classes is from last semester, and another is one that he has dropped. So he is technically enrolled in the overall BB system, but he does not actually have access to those other 2 classes. (We do consider this a “bug” and have put in a ticket with Blackboard Inc requesting this be adjusted.)
  • First, Last and username - Clicking on the username for a given student will allow you access to additional information for that student.

Student Information

Once you access the information for the specific student, you will see another table.

  • Last Class Access - the last time the student entered the course within Blackboard Learn
  • Class Grade & Points Possible - allows you to see the student's current grade as well as to total possible points for the class.
  • Class Name & Class ID - Hovering over a class name, you will see a down arrow. Clicking on that brings up teh context menu (as seen in the screenshot above) and you could choose to “Observe”. Clicking on Observe from the menu will take you into that class where you will be able to see class content based on what the teacher has allowed access to.